Monday, July 10, 2006

#34 My Son

Pride - a monster if you let it control your thoughts and actions - this point was brought home to me the other night - I was pleasantly surprised that all three of the kids, yes including David, decided to go with me to see the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean - It's a momentous occasion when teens submit to being seen in public with their mom. And so we packed up in the car and headed out - in the glow of this unexpected parental accomplishment I had failed to closely take into account how David was dressed - his clothes were wrinkled and somewhat stained, but I could have lived with that - but perched upon what appeared to be quite dirty hair - when was his last shower? - was a bandana and a hat with a large marijuana leaf on it - the other two kids must have noticed his strange appearance as well for they shot off in all directions when we arrived - the travesty of being seen with not only your mother - but your strangely dressed and dirty brother. And I must say that I myself fought a rising emotion - could it be shame? I noticed the stares and giggles - the whispers - I found myself wanting to bolt - shame on my mother's heart - he is my son! I pushed down those troubling thoughts and worked on enjoying the moment - it had been years since all the kids had went to a movie together and when we got into the showing - full - alas we all had to sit together despite the other two's efforts - and as I sat beside my son - my nose confirming that it had been a few days since his last shower I wanted nothing more than to reach over and give this son of mine a hug - I am proud of him - proud that he is here alive enjoying this movie - what should I care what people think - of course I don't give him a hug - that would no doubt embarrass him!

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