Friday, June 16, 2006

#32 Raging River

Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but life in the last month has seemed to me a flood swelled raging river and I have been swept along, attempting to grab at passing branches to slow down to no avail. This month has been long and hard - my nerves are about shot - my husband who has been having increasing health problems found out that he has Celiac Disease, a disorder of the small intestine that causes malabsorption - but his problem has paled in face of the struggles we have gone through with David. Though he would not say, the approaching graduation at his former highschool, where so many times he declared he would be valedictorian - tormented him day and night. He began acting wildly, became manic, staying up for nights on end - he woke me at all hours of the night to sit on the bed and talk non stop - one morning he woke me to say he had just fallen off the house roof - but not to worry - he was all right. I began to feel trapped - I was afraid to leave him alone - so my life revolved around him - I tried to send him up to my brother's, but he walked out, with only the comment, "see you later" - as you can imagine this upset my brother greatly - after searching for almost an hour he did find him wandering around the streets - needless to say David soon came home. All I could do was batten down the hatches in preparation for the coming storm - with the enlistment of every family member we managed to survive the fated day and I must say things have improved since - perhaps David now can start anew - putting those lost dreams and failures behind him - and looking towards the future - we had a graduation reception for him a couple of weeks later - since he is receiving a diploma from his online highschool. The evening went well and I was happy to find that many of his old friends - the ones he had stopped hanging out with when things went down hill, showed up. All in all the storm clouds have been receding and I hope for at least a bit calm seas - the rest would do us all a bit of good.