Tuesday, February 21, 2006

#28 Murky Depths

Sorry to everyone that it has been so long since I posted - I have had a mental block of sorts and have been fighting my own battle with a bit of depression (my doc has given me 40mg of prozac a day) it is helping - I guess I needed a while to focus on my own needs - I have been very low - just swimming around the depths - no energy to struggle to the storm tossed surface - but enough is enough - I know if I am to survive - if David is to survive I must pull myself up - so I think for a while I'm going to try to use this blog as a type of therapy - I'll try to journal as much as possible and continue to share our story - I might just whine a bit more - I have not shared with my readers another problem that I have - perhaps it is time - I have been struggling with my own illness for the last few years - the doctors have diagnosed me with possible MS - and surprise - surprise, stress is really bad for my symptoms - so this last month or so has been tough, not only mentally, but also physically - but I like to remember that God will not give you anything you are not strong enough to handle - he must feel I'm pretty strong - so I plan to live up to his expectations - out of the murky depth into the wind tossed storm