Friday, August 25, 2006

Dailies #6

The road is always paved with good intentions - I did hope and plan to write much more often, but life has once again thrown me into the bog and I have been trudging my way back onto calmer turf. As I mentioned last time my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue; this diagnosis, coupled with the constant pain he has in his hips and back and the fact that he hasn't been able to work for over a year sent him into a tailspin. As his depression increased so did the arguments, not only between him and myself, but also between him and David - I won't go into the gory details of marital and family discord, but just note that the last month has been a kind of Hades - ending in a personal disaster - meanwhile David has begun to have more and more trouble distinguishing between reality and dreams - and last night I heard him tell someone (no one was there) to stop throwing things at him - he has been willing to take his Seroquel more often, but I believe that the stress associated with college approaching and his father's troubles is prompting these new problems. One brighter note is that my husband has realized the issue and is staying with our oldest daughter for a couple of weeks till we can get things smoothed over. - I am busy trying to get the mud of the bog off me and attempting once again to reevaluate and start again. Wish me luck and send me prayers!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dailies #5

Been busy, busy this last two weeks - my husband has been officially diagnosed with Celiac Sprue so we have been adjusting to his gluten free diet - David had his orientation at OSU - we had to drive two hours to get there and by the time we did he had broken into a heavy sweat - "I don't know if I can do this," he said as we pulled into the parking lot - I coached him through the sign in process and then we drove to my brother's where David proceeded to have a full blown anxiety attack vomiting all day. I tell this story because I want to encourage persistence and a willingness to get help. If this is David's dream somehow we can make it happen - I called the Disability office at OSU and they arranged for David to come back up a couple of days later - and only for the advising session. We drove back up at the set time and this time David, knowing what to expect did great - he is now registered for Fall classes - one hurdle gone - however, I am trying to get him into a psychiatrist at OSU who can better manage his anxiety. Step by step we go - sometimes back, but always moving on.

Here is an interesting article which in a manner takes me to task for the previous passage - I do ask David if going to OSU is his dream and not mine - I hope he tells the truth when he says it is

Darien News - Teens Paying a Price for Privileged Lives