Friday, August 04, 2006

Dailies #5

Been busy, busy this last two weeks - my husband has been officially diagnosed with Celiac Sprue so we have been adjusting to his gluten free diet - David had his orientation at OSU - we had to drive two hours to get there and by the time we did he had broken into a heavy sweat - "I don't know if I can do this," he said as we pulled into the parking lot - I coached him through the sign in process and then we drove to my brother's where David proceeded to have a full blown anxiety attack vomiting all day. I tell this story because I want to encourage persistence and a willingness to get help. If this is David's dream somehow we can make it happen - I called the Disability office at OSU and they arranged for David to come back up a couple of days later - and only for the advising session. We drove back up at the set time and this time David, knowing what to expect did great - he is now registered for Fall classes - one hurdle gone - however, I am trying to get him into a psychiatrist at OSU who can better manage his anxiety. Step by step we go - sometimes back, but always moving on.

Here is an interesting article which in a manner takes me to task for the previous passage - I do ask David if going to OSU is his dream and not mine - I hope he tells the truth when he says it is

Darien News - Teens Paying a Price for Privileged Lives


PsychStudent said...

I want to tell you how wonderful your blog is. You are a great mother - I wish my parents had been half as compassionate as you when I was dealing with my illness.

Anonymous said...

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